Submitted by jono on 28 Sep 2017.

Past the first of the D-day beaches. Their normality was perhaps what impacted most.

Emotions. Sadness: that we Brits were so willing to fall for the peace-time propaganda of Brexit. A pulse of anger too. And puzzlement: at the twisted priorities of those who seek to drive wedges with scant regard for Europe's greatest achievement: peace.

Those were my thoughts upon arriving at Juno beach, location where Canadian and British forces disembarked in 1944.

Submitted by jono on 25 Sep 2017.

Been a bit irregular on the blog posts lately but have managed a few Facebook updates. Remember to check here for those.

Submitted by jono on 18 Sep 2017.

First landing. Calais. Come a long way.

Submitted by jono on 16 Sep 2017.

Excellent day yesterday. Farewells to Robby at Royal Belgium Sailing Club. Then slipped past Zeebrugge - where windsurfers are prohibited from passing the port entrance. A headwind meant that the course across was oblique, so my tactic was to sail a long (long!) way out first, and then cross approaching from seaward, where I guessed I'd not be noticed until it was easier to let me pass than block passage. I know from experience going past Rotterdam that I don't show up on radar.

Submitted by jono on 09 Sep 2017.

There's been slow progress of late, so to put in a 40 nautical miler today was welcome. Also getting past Rotterdam with its continual stream of fast moving shipping. Later I found myself offshore between points of land, but inside offshore sandbanks so on nice flat water. Easy stopping for a rest, as the seals know well.

Forecast is atrocious from tomorrow afternoon and thunder is rumbling now as I write this. Need to get somewhere before the wind comes in strong - that could be in Belgium.

Submitted by jono on 02 Sep 2017.

Arms ache from pumping out of the Wadden Sea, a race against time before the tide turned. I kind of made it out in time. Open North Sea for a few days now. Here's a few unused pictures from the last week.

Submitted by jono on 31 Aug 2017.

Apologies for lack of news folks! Here's a summary...

Journey back from Helgoland: slow (not as slow as the journey out though!), long way, lots of ships. Got to Langeoog, one of a chain of Frisian Islands. Wind then had a day off - fine by me, who needed one too. Next hop was to island of Juist, where friends of a friend put me up. Particular thanks to Josef for bike tour and insights, and Yann for help getting gear to water the next morning. Enjoyed the island and my stay.

Submitted by jono on 23 Aug 2017.

I lose count of the days. I think it was three, waiting for conditions to improve at Thorsminde. On day three local retired fisherman Ole and his wife Esmerelda found and took me in. That was nice. Getting fed was nice, but the company was what I most welcomed. Thorsminde had been feeling a solitary place: bleak weather keeping locals behind doors, visitors keeping to self-contained groups, my choice of camping location - hidden from the wind but also from view.

Submitted by jono on 20 Aug 2017.

Frustrating. Onshore wind and waves have me pinned on the Danish coastline.

At times it looks OK to sail and perhaps is, but with no landing options between Thorsminde and Hvide Sande this next 43km might as well be an open sea crossing. I came within a whisker of leaving today - suited up, board next to the water - then had a final test of the rig against the wind and thought better of it.

Submitted by jono on 14 Aug 2017.

An early morning dash in a narrow weather window got me to the Danish island of Læsø. Overnight had been windy so the Swedish side of the Skagerrak / Kateggat Sea was confused and lumpy - but he angle was just right to sail high in reaching mode, thereby heading into the waves rather than accelerating down them. That keeps speeds down and means control is less of an issue. By the middle things had calmed down enough that I had the confidence for a spot of filming in the shipping lanes. The aircraft at the end of the clip circled a few times for a good look.

Submitted by jono on 10 Aug 2017.

Today was a perfect day. Beautiful weather, scenery, met many friendly and kind people, ended up at a delightful little place called Grundsund.
I'm a bit tired to write much, so will scribble a few postcards instead...

Submitted by jono on 08 Aug 2017.

Last night in Norway. As this chapter closes and another begins I can't help but feel somewhat melancholic. Norway and her people have been so kind to me. I've been accepted and welcomed at all ports. Generously supported by native Norwegians and other nationalities who have made this country their home too. Material support, and also the precious gift of time. Some history explained; a collection revealed; a walk or drive shared. I owe so many thank yous.

I hope I have learned from you.

Submitted by jono on 06 Aug 2017.

Decent progress to Stavern. Exciting sailing with a fair sized swell and skerries all over the place. Before that - in behind Jomfruland - managed to cheat a bit with a free ride. Good day!

Submitted by jono on 03 Aug 2017.
Submitted by jono on 29 Jul 2017.

Upwind sailing these last days on open coastline without protection from swell. Yesterday I sailed a few miles with contact Alex, before leaving him with a couple of Snickers bars and wishing him good luck getting home. I probably made it to land before him. At a headland which turned out to be surf spot 'XY'. There I met off-grid campers Gerard, Anna, Bic and Sara who were kind enough to include me in their barbecue and the drinking of their not inconsiderable alcohol supply.