Submitted by jono on 10 Jun 2018.

Valencia to Marjal del Moro (8th June)

Valencia. Always a bit of a culture shock sailing into a big city. So much wealth and at best a questionable quality of experience! Reminded not for the first time of the Mexican fisherman parable (many variants available - for example this one).

Submitted by jono on 08 Jun 2018.

Short clip heading past Valencia port. Nice to have to breeze so not hanging around where the traffic is heaviest.

Submitted by jono on 08 Jun 2018.

Lots of these strange fish. They appear injured, but swim off apparently healthy enough if bumped. This one on approach to Valencia.

Submitted by jono on 06 Jun 2018.

4th June 2018

Very light wind and happy to give the back and fingers and eyes a day off. Managed to link up with Club Nautico Vilajoyosa. Nice town with proper fishing fleet on one side of port. Love the lines on this boat being worked on in dry dock.

Submitted by jono on 04 Jun 2018.

Bad back making everything more difficult and uncomfortable than it should be. Not helped by sitting down writing this so I'll keep it brief. Some very beautiful parts of the Med. Sadly though, whilst sailing, you really are never far from plastic bags. I've given up hoping that the ghostly objects suspended a few metres below the surface are interesting marine life. In the bad parts, even miles out, every few hundred metres you'll pass another piece of pseudo life, and that's without looking for the smaller 'decomposed' parts that are more typically surface floating.

Submitted by jono on 01 Jun 2018.

I'm not a natural rester, but am a firm believer in listening to the body and these last days it has been reminding me that I've been pushing harder than it can sustain. That last break - with Antonio and Maria at Karma Surf, near Estepona - seems a long time ago now.

Submitted by jono on 30 May 2018.

I'm making a subtle change. Blog is becoming Log. A lost consonant to reflect the reality of how the voyage is unfolding. Voyage? Expedition?

The why and how of recording this nautical adventure had never been quite resolved. There's the wish to communicate to others aspect - more blog-like; but also the wish to record for the sake of recording side - more log-like.

Submitted by jono on 20 May 2018.

A few days ago I reached the Mediterranean with a rather beautiful sail through the Straits. There were many dolphins, and a group of these provided memories that will endure for they suggested a route - that I was happy to follow - through the shipping. Did they really guide me? Who knows? The dolphins certainly seek out craft, and I can't help but think they were happy to be with a wind-powered human-piloted craft. I am certain that the final flourish of a jump, right next to me, was a farewell.

Submitted by jono on 11 May 2018.

Muito Obrigado Portugal. What a beautiful country: unassuming and quiet people with open and kind hearts; colour, light, wild flowers, clear waters; headlands that resist the pulse of the ocean, beaches that absorb its impact; hidden coves and harbours; and wind!


Submitted by jono on 06 May 2018.

Come on board for two and a half minutes during the run from Sesimbra to Milfontes, Portugal!