Last night in Norway

Submitted by jono on 08 Aug 2017.

Last night in Norway. As this chapter closes and another begins I can't help but feel somewhat melancholic. Norway and her people have been so kind to me. I've been accepted and welcomed at all ports. Generously supported by native Norwegians and other nationalities who have made this country their home too. Material support, and also the precious gift of time. Some history explained; a collection revealed; a walk or drive shared. I owe so many thank yous.

I hope I have learned from you.

So I'm a bit sad to be leaving Norway. The Viking in me sensed a place he nearly belongs. But the Vikings were wanderers, and I've still got some wandering to do.

Sunset over southern Norway from Akerøy on eastern side of Oslofjord, about 10km from Sweden.

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