Spot XY to Eigerøya

Submitted by jono on 29 Jul 2017.

Upwind sailing these last days on open coastline without protection from swell. Yesterday I sailed a few miles with contact Alex, before leaving him with a couple of Snickers bars and wishing him good luck getting home. I probably made it to land before him. At a headland which turned out to be surf spot 'XY'. There I met off-grid campers Gerard, Anna, Bic and Sara who were kind enough to include me in their barbecue and the drinking of their not inconsiderable alcohol supply.

It was a three breakfast morning. Paracetamol at sunrise; coffee and porridge when Alex woke me up having driven over to collect the gear he'd left in my bag; and a fry up from the campers just before setting sail.

The sailing started well: good breeze and refreshing rain showers. There were a few hours of 'horrible' in the afternoon (see video). Then a few extra miles at the end of the day, desperately hoping the wind would hold to get me round some sticky out bits where the sea state was decidedly yuk.

Good reminder today to not let myself get complacent - particularly when open waters are to be sailed.

[Post written from a lovely sheltered inlet on the island of Eigerøya]

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