D-day beaches

Submitted by jono on 28 Sep 2017.

Past the first of the D-day beaches. Their normality was perhaps what impacted most.

Emotions. Sadness: that we Brits were so willing to fall for the peace-time propaganda of Brexit. A pulse of anger too. And puzzlement: at the twisted priorities of those who seek to drive wedges with scant regard for Europe's greatest achievement: peace.

Those were my thoughts upon arriving at Juno beach, location where Canadian and British forces disembarked in 1944.

High tide. No machine gun fire. Not even a wave. Quit moaning about difficult landings, Jono. Local windsurfers offered friendly greetings, then I sailed on...

To dolphins. Dolphins: the sign that everything will be OK. I hope the dolphins made an appearance for our grandfathers too.

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