I am proud to be supporting World Wildlife Fund for this expedition. Their mission is: stop the degradation of our planet's natural environment, and build a future in which people live in harmony with nature.

WWF have a clear One World | One Planet perspective and play a necessary role as advisors and influencers of national and international policy. Much of WWFs more visible activism focuses on protecting natural spaces.

I hope you enjoy my journey. A donation to WWF would be a great way of demonstrating your support.

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The donation page is set up with WWF-UK. This allows UK taxpayers to add gift aid - and provides an easy way to know how much has been donated (and perhaps add a message).

If you would prefer to donate through an alternative WWF local office, or to WWF Global, please head to WWF Global and select a country as appropriate. If you'd like your donation to be counted towards the total raised please let me know the details and I'll keep score!

Switch from BT MyDonate to Justgiving
Donations were previously being managed by BT MyDonate, but that service is now closing. WWF-UK have confirmed receipt of moneys raised and requested that donations are now channeled through Justgiving.

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