Submitted by jono on 13 May 2019.

Norway to Georgia by windsurfer: FINAL LEG of continuous track.
Sailed/paddled continuous, solo, unsupported.
Hopa: last port of exit in Turkey - to Batumi: port of entry in Georgia is 18nm.


The wind is too light for upwind sailing to yield useful result. With continual pumping a marginally more respectable angle can be achieved, but it is exhausting and not a strategy for the long haul.

Submitted by jono on 10 May 2019.

Today I arrived at Hopa – last port of Turkey large enough to have a coastguard and customs presence. Tomorrow I sign out and set off for the border with Georgia, now 10 miles to the north-east. More near-zero headwinds and a messy sea meant that today’s 8nm were tough. Clawing away with the techniques and resolve developed over the last 2 years is at times painful but delivers miles and ultimately satisfaction. Each day a little battle. Strategy for a few days ahead.

Submitted by jono on 01 May 2019.

When the sun comes out it certainly has some heat now. Click to play this video update of the last few days...

Submitted by jono on 24 Apr 2019.

15th April - End of Day - Akliman

Cut the corner of a concave bend of coast. Wavey later and short on daylight hours, but wind forecast reassuring. Grey and rainy. In the gloom, swells and strengthened breeze sail beyond the northernmost point on the Turkish coastline, feeling as free as the dolphins. Round the headland and into Akliman as dark falls. Gentle low land and nice protected beach, but the feel of the place is unwelcoming. There's a local crowd around a shop and an ongoing dispute through the night, with police in periodic attendance.

Submitted by jono on 14 Apr 2019.

Sail from Eregli SC with company of Erdinc and once outside harbour am alone in the light fog. Paddle into earshot of the lighthouse and then beyond until its lonely call sounds faint. Wind comes in on the nose for some miles sailed. By landing time am well positioned to slip into a previously identified cove. A truly beautiful spot. Many wild birds, whose songs do not appear dulled by the abundant plastic trash. My spirits though are slightly dimmed: awe for nature accompanied by regret for the lost pristine-ness of natural spaces.

Submitted by jono on 05 Apr 2019.

A few days into the Black Sea and a wealth of experiences lived already. Time and energy only allowing for this no frills update:


Bosphorus pt 2. Escort from the coastguard and Edhem: a good wind and the current less fierce where the Strait is a little wider. Out and into the Black Sea. For the next 800 miles it will be "land on my right" (which is the great title from a for me inspiring book!)

Submitted by jono on 27 Mar 2019.

It will soon be two years that I have been windsurfing round Europe. Before that I circumnavigated Britain, via Ireland and Northern Ireland. I’ve met many people.

The family of the sea have of course been accepting. The nationality of a seafarer matters little - because the sea would drown any. Every seafarer knows that the sea is bigger than they are. From this knowledge comes unity.

Submitted by jono on 24 Mar 2019.

The return to Turkey was on 15th March and the next day I slipped across the entrance of the Bosphorus to Istanbul Sailing Club. With no wind happening, and a strong current in the Strait to contend with, the next days were spent sightseeing and being very well looked after by all at Tuzla Sailing Club (a few miles to the south).

Although in theory waiting for southerly wind, a northerly eventually showed up on the forecast, so we confirmed the day with the coastguard, and got back to the eating nice Turkish food.

Submitted by jono on 09 Jan 2019.

Pictures borrowed from Facebook - from friends at places I've recently passed through - confirm that this isn't really the time of year to be sheltering under a sail in the Eastern Mediterranean or Black Sea. No warming effect from the Atlantic this far east.

Submitted by jono on 02 Jan 2019.

A Happy New Year arrival in Istanbul yesterday, with dolphins coming to signal the turn in to the large bay where Mimarsinan Windsurf Club is located. For a number of reasons it makes sense to take an extended break here. I'll explain reasoning another time. For now, in a sense, if we are not quibbling about precise landing location, it's time to consider that this journey from the Arctic has now reached Asia.