Starting May 2017 I sailed from the coastal border that Norway shares with Russia, with the objective to Windsurf Round Europe from Russia to Russia. I sailed solo and unsupported. An extension to the plan: revised included a final stage by bicycle with finish back in Norway.

I completed the journey in September 2019 and eventually wrote this bookthat is a more complete telling of events.

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Additional to the challenge, the expedition offers an unusual perspective on the European continent, and more. Please follow and share the occasional log entry.


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The expedition started on the 20th May 2017. Real-time updates from YB tracking.

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Long Standing Ambition

I solo windsurfed Britain in 2015. At the time that adventure seemed every bit as ambitious as this current project.

Long Standing Ambition is my account of that journey.

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Long Standing Ambition -  Paperback or Kindle editions