Welcome to Greece

Submitted by jono on 18 Sep 2018.

Welcome to Greece. Had a few low profile days in Corfu. Then made a front door entrance in the middle of Kalavostasi beach, meaning I met lifeguards Ioannis and Lazarus - and I couldn't have met nicer people. Next day I landed late and slept rough again, but in the morning almost the whole town of Vrachos beach showed up with coffee, breakfast, then lunch. Wind came before dinner arrived, so sailed to Lefkada, and met with Guy and Justine - french sailors first encountered along the Portuguese coast. Nice to reminisce a little :), they first spotted me at Nazaré... Next day, after an excellent lunch, along to Vasiliki in two hops, and a good few hours of paddling. Lots and lots of help especially from Ocean Elements team. Thanks also to Avner for the Wikipedia entry and showing up to say hello, and the #FlyingfishGreece trainees for being a nice audience. Borderline overwhelming with so many social engagements - I've had to hide a few hours to recover... Have done a bit of writing too - real day off starts tomorrow.

  • With lifeguards Lazarus and Ioannis. Nice tower to sleep in too. — at Karavostasi Beach.
  • The names escape me, but the warmth of the welcome remains. Efcharisto :) — in Vráchos, Preveza
  • Guy Louardieu and Justine. Fellow Atlantic mariners ;) — in Lefkáda
  • Welcome committee Vasiliki: Mark, Polly, Andy — at Vasiliki
  • Thanks to Alex Gill Photography for the Vasiliki arrival pictures
  • Seeking shade for the sail
  • It's a raceboard, Ocean Elements — in Vasilikí
  • Talk over, the relieve visible! Nah! The #flyingfishgreece recruits were a very nice audience. A pleasure to chat with you :) — in Vasiliki
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