A voyage in 15 pictures

Submitted by jono on 21 Feb 2019.

I received a replacement Stohlquist Shift drysuit yesterday, which means I am all set for sailing again in a few weeks time. Thank you to Stohlquist, and here are a few snaps (one per coastline) from the journey.

  • Norway: a good place to have a new drysuit (pic by Dan Tore Jørgensen)
  • Sweden: at least rain tastes nice
  • Denmark: hiking through the shallows off the island of Læsø
  • Germany: lots of sandbanks in the German Bight  - here's another one
  • Netherlands: I remember this lull well. The wind came soon after and I got a good thumping before making it through a gap in the Frisian islands and onto the Wadden Sea
  • Belgium: a short coastline but with fond memories of friendships made
  • France (first bit): Je suis a Dieppe. Thanks to my brother for dashing across the channel for this shot
  • Spain (first bit): the smile is for having got round Cape Finisterre
  • Portugal: taking a breather
  • Spain (Mediterranean): Even in the Med summer I still got cold when going upwind, so the drysuit got regular use (pic: José Gómez Vizcaíno)
  • France (Mediterranean): in France there were new friends at almost every stop
  • Italy: just like Clacton really
  • Albania: no drysuit picture! When too hot to wear the suit got stashed under the sprayhood
  • Greece: summer turns to winter in about 15 minutes
  • Turkey: winter sun, a few days from Istanbul
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