Vilajoyosa to Javea

Submitted by jono on 06 Jun 2018.

4th June 2018

Very light wind and happy to give the back and fingers and eyes a day off. Managed to link up with Club Nautico Vilajoyosa. Nice town with proper fishing fleet on one side of port. Love the lines on this boat being worked on in dry dock.

5th June 2018

Walk and swim to loosen back up. Unexpected breeze filled in late morning from south. Have been  lucky with wind direction for weeks now. Good progress straight past Benidorm. No intention or desire to stop there - but concentrating development in one place at least allows other places to remain pristine. Beautiful coastline beyond. Flying fish, sunfish, jellyfish, and today just a 1km stretch with plastic. World Environment Day - decided to 'give up*' beef for the environmental impact of it's production. Small concession to reduce impact on planet.
Linked up with contact Nick Jones at Javea. Nice relaxing stop: curry, proper bed.
Received link to this nice report from the Mar Menor windsurfers :)

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