The unfolding experience

Submitted by jono on 13 Jul 2017.

Being 'on expedition' is a very full way of living. Every day is an unknown and unfolds in a unique way. Sometimes the day is filled with spectacular scenery, others it is shrouded behind mist or low cloud. Plans form as the breeze fills and are reshaped as it wanes. Sometimes the sailing requires full attention, other times it allows the mind to wander.

And the support! Everywhere I land, through social media, messages, from all directions, borders on overwhelming. People are good. That's a conviction I had anyway, but is only reinforced by each passing day.

The thing is that so much is seen, so many different lives and perspectives briefly and unexpectedly come into contact with my own, that is it too much to process a day in a day. It is an accelerated form of learning. But what is learned is currently hard to pin down. Thoughts drift into my consciousness half-formed. A knowledge of the Norwegian coastline and psyche is slowly absorbed. The daily overdose of experience fills my mind with ideas that mesh together in unexpected ways... I'd like to share more but sometimes struggle how. It takes time and effort to bring clarity and most of the time the sailing leaves a deficit of these resources.

So I'm playing catchup. For now some photos of recent days.


  • Kristiansund
  • Heading under the Atlantic Road
  • Vevang
  • leaving Vevang
  • Farstadstranda
  • Bjørnsund
  • Bjørnsund
  • Sandøya
  • Leaving Sandøya
  • Aalesund
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