Tarragona and Sitges

Submitted by jono on 17 Jun 2018.

Update and pics...

The Mistral wind blows hard for two days, allowing for a day and a half to recharge batteries depleted from the exertions of reaching land after rounding the Delta del Ebro.

Marina Sant Jordi to Tarragona

The dying Mistral provides for a few miles of intermittent planing before dropping completely. Then light puffs from all directions and occasional unannounced stronger gusts. Tiring conditions. Relief comes with a consistent breeze to broad reach plane to Cambrils. Wind drops at the point. A small swell - presumably from the Bay of Roses Tramontana wind - combines with the fresh wind chop, and both rebound off the cliffs making for a confused sea. The discomfort nothing new. Biggest concern is the pilot boat from the port of Tarragona - bow pointing accusingly in my direction.

First attempt to pass the port entrance I'm going too slow. Try again twenty minutes later. Two hours pumpathon later get past the port wall and into Tarragona harbour. Relieved to find nice kids and marinero Kim from Reial Club Nàutic de Tarragona who make for a very easy overnight stay.

Tarragona to Sitges

Some repairs and optimising of board before checking out the superyachts. Departure with a pleasant late morning southerly breeze. Conditions go very light after a couple of hours, but today I have a clear target destination. Tell myself I am a downwind specialist and pump! The ficklest of breezes holds for another 6 hours: enough to reach Sitges. Fingers like minorcan sausages after that. Fortunately on the beach are my favourite two physios: Rita (like family) and Bià (future continental windsurf explorer).

Pili - Bià's partner - turns up later. It's her family's place where we are staying for this planned weekend break.

Gay Pride week in Sitges. I am not the only unusually dressed gentleman around town.


Bià spends several hours restoring my back to full movement and (wonderful!) comfort. Now, obviously, we're friends - but nonetheless - having experience of many physios osteopaths and similar - I can very confidently recommend Bià as an excellent choice (see photos for contact details).

After some work on the hands I am good for picking up beer again too.


Bià and I walk the gear - through the middle of the Gay Pride main carnival procession - between bands and butt cheeks - to the friendly Club Nàutic de Sitges, from where it will be easier to make a departure tomorrow.

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