A few pics of recent days

Submitted by jono on 04 Jun 2018.

Bad back making everything more difficult and uncomfortable than it should be. Not helped by sitting down writing this so I'll keep it brief. Some very beautiful parts of the Med. Sadly though, whilst sailing, you really are never far from plastic bags. I've given up hoping that the ghostly objects suspended a few metres below the surface are interesting marine life. In the bad parts, even miles out, every few hundred metres you'll pass another piece of pseudo life, and that's without looking for the smaller 'decomposed' parts that are more typically surface floating. Back on land I find it distressing how many people just don't find it a topic of interest - like somehow they are remote from the planet we live on. There's a lack of comprehension on my part, just as I fail to comprehend why people (leave, discard, throw...) litter.

The back making more openly gloomy than usual! Time to check the wind.

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