Despacito - going slow

Submitted by jono on 07 Jul 2017.

Light winds and the sailing has been a bit of a slog these last few days. It looked like a straightforward run up Trondheimsleia - inside the islands of Hitra and Smøla - but end of day 3 and I'm still 45k short of Kristiansund. Am running low or out of key supplies - coffee, oil for cooking fish, toothpaste, anything with vitamins, midge repellent (!), beer(!) - so am determined to put in a good effort tomorrow to reach significant civilisation.

The winds so far have been kind. Since the wilds of Finnmark there have been practically no unsailable days, and for the most part the breeze has been out of the north.

The light wind days are in any case not so unproductive now that I've (kind of) got the hang of paddling with the sail rigged. I rarely paddle (preferring to wait for wind), but eventually gave up waiting today and had to relearn the technique. When the wind truly disappeared and the water went properly flat good progress was possible. Paddling in mirror flat conditions next to the rocks is really very pleasant, and I finished nearly 20k to the good.

A couple of days I've eaten fish caught at the end of a day.

My drysuit neck seal ripped, the repair seemed to hold up today, but the seals will clearly need replacing soon.

Paddling innovation failed: reverted to last known working setup!

Extra material glued to soles of boots to avoid holes that would damage the drysuit socks.

Wind, progress, equipment issues and temperature/comfort really are the drivers of mood. A lot of thought and tinkering goes into finding better ways of organising the gear.

Rain due tonight. Tomorrow, with any luck, Kristiansund.
Video is from first day heading up Trondheimsleia. In high spirits!

Modelling new shades from Rørvik petrol station.

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