Blanes to Cap de Creus

Submitted by jono on 28 Jun 2018.

Nice days as the Iberian Peninsula stage draws to a close.

Tracker watchers will see that I slowed up (again, getting lazy) for a few days at Blanes. No problems - just serendipitous timing to coincide with the Raceboard Worlds. With some prompting from organiser Luis Camacho, I resisted the (ok, my) antisocial urge to relentlessly push on. In retrospect I'll be pleased I did, I told myself, and that's how it turned out. Explained a hundred times over what the foam blocks on the back of the board are for, and had nice conversations with many people. The windsurfing world really is a big family.

Also beefed up long suffering daggerboard with batten rods traversing the cracked part.

On day two of official racing I sailed through the fleet (apologies to race committee, and thank you for your good humour) and sailed away to a what might count as a chorus of cheers. Enough to cause a lump in my throat anyway.

Conditions steadily deteriorated but I was saved the paddle when wind came in late on. Suddenly planing and making good ground, I was also cold, so stopped at a convenient looking beach - which turned out to be Platja d'Aro, where I had support if needed - to put drysuit on. A quick photo and keep going to no idea where. By dusk, with the moon shining bright and breeze all but dried up, I'd reached Estartit.

Very nice marinero - Alberto - at Estartit club nàutic who not only arranged a place for the gear but also offered a dinner invite and sofa. Alberto is a fan of Norway with plans to cycle to Nordkapp with partner Nuria. Love that plan.

Today AM: admin and footstrap adjustments (thanks to Jordi for replacements). PM: sailed on a pitiful breeze. Slow going across Bay of Roses, the wind stopped leaving a 4 mile paddle to land, in slop. Not fun, I decided to wait and eat bocadillo instead. Good move. The wind returned and switched to come from the land, cleaning up the sea once off Cap de Creus.

What a fantastic picturesque undeveloped headland. I stopped at the town of Cadaqués, which apparently where Salvador Dali hung out. Camping on the stones of a delightful little pebbly beach just next to the main town. Looking forward to a night under the stars.

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