Aveiro to Figueiro de Foz - Perfect Day

Submitted by jono on 26 Apr 2018.

Portugal gets better and better, and this was a wonderful stop at Aveiro!

Instead of a second night roughing it on the beach the very nice people of Hotel Farol stepped in with the offer of a room and breakfast. I like rough camping - but windswept beaches are not ideal - so this was very welcome indeed.

Before that - and after some 25th April Freedom Day beers at the Cafe Farol - it was delicious fish dinner time with Hugo Paula Filipe Sonia Valentin and Matilde (may have made an error on a name or two, apologies).

The port that followed may have pushed me over my 2 unit limit, but lots of fresh fruit for breakfast this morning surely compensated...

Picked up the gear from friendly as ever port pilots and was away by 9:00ish (early start, because was a little concerned the wind would come in uber-strong as it had yesterday).

The wind stayed ideal, and with a significant sea it was playing the waves all the way to Figueira de Foz. 30nm again. Could have gone longer, but you can only stop/start at the major ports on this coastline when there's a swell, and another 34nm to Nazaré would have been a big ask. So far, Portugal has been great sailing!

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