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Submitted by jono on 29 Jul 2019.

Those following on Facebook you will see that I am posting some video updates. I find these quite an ordeal. If I look closely, and usually I do, the clips I record seems so lightweight and unfocussed. Occasionally, I share a clip. There was a medicine I took as a kid and the scent of its flavouring made me wretch long before it had even neared my mouth. The thought, act and memory of posting video updates brings a degree of discomfort not quite so extreme, but in that direction.

My take on this is that sometimes I allow myself to lose mindfulness of my reasons for blogging the journey. When this happens, I want to retreat forever. But I recover understanding, and then there is no bad taste.

Without clear understanding of why I am sharing stuff, of course this brings discomfort. It is necessary to know objectives in order to determine value. Sharing something which could well have no value seems like a real waste of your time. Apologies for when this has been the case.

When I share without discomfort - like now - is when I have very present my reasons for doing so. A big reason is all of you who have supported me on this journey so far. Kind acts might seem time limited, but their consequences are carried into the future. I’d like to let you know that you made a difference, and continue to do so, and that all’s going well.

And there is the hope of achieving something worthwhile in a broader sense: my grain of sand to encourage others to become engaged and active in the shaping of society and the environment. The current model of how we run the planet simply does not work. Without change our inevitable course is a direct route to human misery and mass extinction. Other options are available. The voices of many are needed to make those changes happen. Do something. At the very least be informed, so that when you have the option to act or not act, or to cast a vote, you go the right way.

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The accompanying clip is of rolling through the Polish forests. They are wonderful. No chat this time, but hope I found my voice in the accompanying text.

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