Welcome aboard!

Submitted by jono on 06 May 2018.

Come on board for two and a half minutes during the run from Sesimbra to Milfontes, Portugal!

The land showing ahead is the beginning of the rocky headland at Sines. The wind angle here is unusually good in that it allows a straight run along the coast. More normal heading down Portugal has been wind from behind, which requires more distance to be sailed in order to zigzag downwind, and/or more tiring sailing as in lighter winds it's not generally possible to use the harness. Still sooo much better and faster than upwind sailing though!

Kit adaptions you might notice are:

  • Adjustable downhaul and outhaul
  • Uphaul handle - just a section of carbon tube - often more efficient and comfortable than sailing with front hand on boom (and more comfortable than holding onto the uphaul itself).
  • Coiled leash - an additional safety measure connecting sail to board, as a backup in case of UJ failure.
  • Lines across board - makes lifting the board much easier when loaded
  • Paddle - blade inside spray deck
  • Storage. Barrel at rear and spray deck on bow. Weight distribution is really critical here. Weight in the barrel is fine to sail with. Weight on the nose really negatively impacts the sailing (banging, nosediving, stalling...) Up front I have pair of Crocs and (in a backpack) a sleeping bag and inflatable sleeping mat.
  • Up front are also water containers but now I usually sail with these empty or nearly empty to minimise weight. I carry a 'water belt' on my harness so can drink whilst sailing.
  • Many little repairs. Almost all damage is sustained on land, mostly during launch and recovery. The weight of the loaded board makes this more complicated than usual, and the barrel makes the board topple over very easily.
  • Only glimpsed in this video (but visible in others) are the foam blocks that can be positioned laterally to support the boom, thereby keeping the rig out the water and enabling paddling in flat conditions.

Any questions just ask and I'll add more detail.

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