Postcards Serbia and Romania

Submitted by jono on 07 Jul 2019.

EuroVelo weaves about either side of the what was the Iron Curtain. There is great variety. The route mostly keeps away from major through routes but after the big hydro dam that is a border crossing point into Romania there is a 10k horror section with heavy trucks inches away... Mostly though, its very well done and ideal for an 'adventure bike', with a nice mix of surfaces and very little traffic. Scenery is frequently stunning. The Danube section is popular with anglers. The Romanian side is a disgrace of junk left by angler campers. Anglers - the shit on the shoreline is mostly yours - is this your culture? Romania, sadly, is country that is visibly struggling.

I was glad to have a basic conversation with Dinu, the shepherd in the last picture, who at his 70 years is in better shape than most of the anglers. I admire those with a strong connection to place and who most want to be where they are. Our conversation - Romano-Spanish with big silences, looking out on the plastic-strewn Danube shoreline - worked fine.

  • Serbia. Tractors are the vehicle of choice in rural Eastern Europe
  • Serbia. Just stunning
  • A long way between settlements...
  • bar here...
  • back to the Danube
  • Euro plastic pollution
  • the end of the road
  • hydro dam border crossing from Serbia to Romania
  • will be fine, have a helmet on...
  • Romania!
  • very spartan graveyards, compared to the Serbian side
  • chap in rock face, Romania (Chipu lui Decebal)
  • lookout tower repurposed as bird hide
  • Anglers, a lot of this is yours, blown into this corner...
  • Dinu - our 'conversation' made my day. Mulțumesc
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