Submitted by jono on 11 May 2018.

Muito Obrigado Portugal. What a beautiful country: unassuming and quiet people with open and kind hearts; colour, light, wild flowers, clear waters; headlands that resist the pulse of the ocean, beaches that absorb its impact; hidden coves and harbours; and wind!


  • More great sailing along the Algarve coast (most, in fact, quite undeveloped, and very pretty)
  • Wind dropped and nearest paddle was to here: Ilha do Farol, Portugal's southernmost point
  • Very peaceful island: lots of birds, no cars
  • Next day, met the lighthousekeepers, before setting off inside the island
  • Octopus, living dangerously...
  • Stopped on Fuzeta to an unexpeced welcome. Need a hand putting names to faces guys... fb message please
  • CN Fuzeta Phantom 377 modifications. Don't worry! - that falling Sagres is already emptied :)

The last days on the south coast went quickly: an early get away from Sagres to escape strong winds on the corner set up a 50nm total with eventual finish (paddled) to reach Ilha do Farol, minimally inhabited aside from abundant bird and sea life. A beautiful spot to spend a last evening enjoying Portugal's gentler, Algarve coastline (or the 'Portuguese Mediterranean', as the ocean toughened west-coasters call it...).

Next day, rather than sail straight into Spain, I made a brief stop at Fuzeta, where I had been aiming for the previous evening, but had come up short. There, collecting shells for my niece, contacts from Club Naval Fuzeta, sailed over laden with gifts and beers: a very touching moment to conclude my Portugal adventure, and so nice to have had such positive experiences from north to south of the country.

Had I not been heading to Spain to meet brother and family I'd have been keen to stay and rest of the afternoon. As it was, I made the extra miles, crossed the border to Isla Cristina, a nice reunion with family, a day to relax today, an update now.

Back to the sailing tomorrow, to commence Spain part two.

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