Do they know?

Submitted by jono on 30 Jun 2019.

These butterflies are from the hill in Bulgaria where I hid from the border police.

The morning surrounded by nature opened my heart. It brought back memories of hot summer days, grasshopper catching, and the deep sheen of burnet moths. I realised how grateful I am for a childhood rich in empty time playing in nature. The parental effort for this education: my mum nearby, reading a book in the sun.

Many of my own generation have their own kids now. For a better chance of safeguarding our planet and their futures, please allow your kids to develop deep connection to nature.

I wrote this poem, about them, for you.

Do they know
The crest of a skylark,
The outline of a peewit,
The sting of a nettle,
The restlessness of the cabbage white,
And if not
Will they care?

  • orange one
  • The four-winged white?
  • ...nope
  • pass
  • too hard
  • should know - tortioseshell?
  • ladybird!
  • tiny little one
  • sexy moth
  • cricket thing
  • not fair - wings closed
  • Six-spot Burnet!
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